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Dosage Instructions:

Average male

- Pre-event carbo-loading : Mix 3 rounded scoops (75g) into 650-750ml water, and shake well.
- Intake should be 3 times daily, between meals.

Average female

- Pre-event carbo-loading: Mix 2 rounded scoops (50g) into 450-500ml water, and shake well.
- Intake should be 3 times daily, between meals.

During training and events:
- Mix 2 rounded scoops (50g) into 500ml water, shake well and take a few sips every few minutes, starting in the 60 minutes prior to the session.
- Take 500ml per hour, or more if required by individual sweating rate.

NB: Dosage instructions as per supplier recommendations:
Biogen's Carbogen Low GI is an advanced Carbo-loading and Intra-exercise formula. It contains the trademarked ingredient Palatinose (Isomaltulose), which is a source of both glucose and fructose. Palatinose is a LOW GI carbohydrate source – it releases energy gradually while promoting the storage of glycogen in muscle during carbo-loading, and the utilization of fat stores during training/events.

Muscle glycogen is a vital energy source for the body. Biogen Carbogen Low GI is enhanced by the inclusion of antioxidants. The risk of overtraining can also be reduced by providing sufficient electrolytes, phosphates and amino acids, all of which are present in this formulation.

Key Features:

- Informed sports certified & no artificial colorants.
- Isomaltulose.
- Electrolytes.
- 1125mg L-GLUTAMINE.
- Sustained Release Energy Drink
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