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Max Number of Bikes:

Max Weight Per Bike:

Max Load Capacity:

Max Tire Size:

Max Bike Frame Down Tube Size
75mm (3 ) Diameter

ISO Tow Ball:
Fits 50mm

Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height):
88cm x 94cm x 73cm (26cm folded)



Integrated Lighting Board:
Yes / 7 Pin

Bike Carrier To Tow Ball Lock:

Bike Carrier To Bike Lock:
The BUZZRACER 4 is a really well designed, well engineered carrier that is smart, sophisticated and very good value for money.

BUZZRACER 4 is very easy to put togetherand each carrier complies with the very exacting standard XPR-18-904-4 and therefore include an anti-sway tensioner which has an integrated handle.

The BUZZRACER 4 comes with a 7 pin lighting system. 7 pin to 13 pin adapter is not included but can be purchased as an option.

Tilting is easy, and is very well balanced even with a full load and sits quite high on the tow ball, meaning the tilt function is optimised to prevent the lights from hitting the road surface, while still using the weight of the bikes to help bring the bike platform back to the level again in a controlled way. But this geometry doesn’t allow for tall vertical tailgates to be opened
Carrying bikes

The wheel holders will accommodate all wheelbases, even small children’s bikes. You can reverse the wheel supports for the really small bikes. The BUZZRACER 4 is suitable for carbon frame bikes and the rubber-padded bike frame cradles rotate 360 degrees and hold any type of tube firmly but gently.

The maximum permitted load is 60kg, with no bike weighing more than 20kg


- Lockable
- 7 pin lighting board plug
- Integrated lighting board
- Tilting
- Weighs 18kg
- 60kg load capacity
- 20kg maximum weight per bike
- 4 bike maximum
- Easy assembly
- Padded rubber wheel straps
Weight: 18kg
Load Capacity: 60kg
Load Capacity Bikes: 4
Product code: 7000554





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