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The SLX M7100 brakes have a new master cylinder with 2 points of support on the handlebars, for a smoother braking feel. The levers also have the guard adjustment knob.

SLX brake levers work with the XC and Trail / Enduro triers, and are equipped with the Shimano SERVO WAVE system for faster contact, increased stopping power and tack control adjustment.

The 2-piston sorting system for XC use, adopts the same design as the three-sided sorters, which means that the pads in G02S / J02A or G04S / J04C are compatible, while the 4-piston version has been complied with. redesigned, and uses the construction of the XTR M9100.


-J-Kit version (the hoses are not connected to facilitate the passage internally)

-Setting the lever guard.

-sort 2 pistons.

-10% more rigid than the M8000, even under high temperature conditions.

-I-Spec EV brake mount.

-Ventilated plates.

-Sold without disk.

-Hose 95 cm.

-Weight: 425g (with disc 160)
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