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The Sidi Men’s White Shot Road Shoe is designed to provide optimal aerodynamics and be comfortable to wear.

The TechPro Microfiber upper material and print is designed to increase the airflow and ventilation of this shoe. To further increase the ventilation, the stiff Carbon sole is vented, to ensure that the rider has more control over their temperature. This is especially true for the toe-box, where the vent can be adjusted to suit the rider’s personal preference.

The Soft instep system ensures that pressure is dispersed evenly across the foot, in order to ensure a comfortable fit.
The Double Techno-3 Push Dials add further comfort, by ensuring that the fit is adjusted evenly on both sides of the shoe. This fit can then be fine-tuned, while the rider is in motion, which makes for a comfortable and secure fit.

The heel cup of this shoe can be adjusted independently on each side in order to tighten the top of the heel cup to ensure that the rider’s foot does not slip out. This shoe also features an external heel cup, which will aid in the transfer of power between the rider and the pedals. This heel cup will also prevent the heel from deteriorating over time.


- The ventilation of this shoe is improved by the TechPro Microfiber upper material and stiff Carbon sole.
- The soft instep closure system ensures a custom and comfortable fit
- The adjustable Techno-3 push closures ensures a custom and balanced fit
- The heel cup of this shoe prevents the heel from slipping, ensuring efficient power transfer and peak performance
Gender: Male
Closure: Techno-3 System
Product code: 6000071





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