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The Sidi Unisex White/ Black Alba 2 Road Shoe is designed to offer you the utmost comfort. The soft instep system 3 ensures that pressure will be distributed evenly across the foot, to ensure a comfortable fit.

The Techno-3 system ensures a comfortable fit, by reducing the pressure on the instep. This system is adjustable to the millimetre and can be released easily to ensure a custom fit that will suit the rider’s personal preference. This system and the in-step system are serviceable to ensure that these shoes will last over time.

To add further comfort, the Sidi Heel Cup supports proper fit and prevents the rider’s heel from slipping. This will aid in the power transfer between the rider and the pedals. The heel pad on the bottom of the heel is also replaceable to ensure the durability if the shoe.

The Millennium 4 Carbon Composite sole ensures that the shoes are rigid enough for efficient power transfer between the rider and the pedals. This also ensures that the sole is not water-absorbent, which makes the soles more durable and stable.


- The Soft Instep-3 system ensures a comfortable fit and eliminates the need for in-step extenders
- The Techno-3 system allows for a customisable fit, which can then be adjusted while the rider is in motion to ensure an overall comfortable fit
- The Sidi Heel cup prevents the heel from slipping and protects the heel from impacts
- The Millennium 4 Carbon Composite sole is lightweight and durable

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