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Maximum Power: 2200 Watt
Max Incline: 20 degrees
Flywheel: Actual of 7.25kg
Height: -
Dimensions when legs closed: 508 × 228 × 430 mm

This Wahoo Kickr 4.0 delivers a virtually silent experience and a specially engineered, heavier flywheel to give cyclists the inertia they need to recreate the feeling of cycling outdoors. The carbon steel body of the Kickr 4.0 is unmatched. It has an 11-speed cassette for easy setup and an RPM sensor.

- Measures speed, cadence, power and speed
- Compatible with the Wahoo Kickr Climb, Bluetooth and ANT+ powered fan and Kickr Headwind
- +/-2% power accuracy to provide accurate power measurement and generate up to 2200W
- 20-degree incline maximum
- Bluetooth, ANT+, ANT+ FE-C connectivity to connect to smartphones and GPS devices simultaneously
- LED indicator lights
- Professional grade durability
- Compatible with third-party apps

Product code: 3002263

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