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Optimize Your Biking Performance with the Best Tyres and Tubes

Cycle Lab is a preferred choice among thousands of cyclists across South Africa when it comes to buying quality bicycle tyre and tube products. Whenever you need to replace or upgrade worn or non-performing components on your bike, we will assist you in choosing the best alternatives from top brands. Whether you need tube or tubeless tyres for your road bike, mountain bike, cyclocross bike, gravel bike, eBike or any other bicycle, explore the huge range of tyres available from us. 

What Do We Offer?

To meet the requirements of different types of cycling activities, we offer tyres designed for surfaces ranging from smooth tar and mud to concrete as well as a variety of rugged off-road terrains. Our tyres offer the desired qualities including:

  • Appropriate rolling resistance
  • An adequate amount of grip
  • Superb traction control
  • The right level of comfort 
  • Responsiveness to cyclists’ actions and more.

With us, you will find tyres with different specifications in terms of:

  • Tyre widths and sizes
  • Materials
  • Tread patterns and more

We assist buyers in choosing the right types of tyres for the bike’s rear and front wheels as they have specific roles to play. In the tyre and tube category at our stores, you will find a variety of tubes for road bikes, mountain bikes and other machines, with different specifications like:

  • Tube width
  • Tube thickness
  • Type of valve
  • Length of the valve stem and more

Our main purpose is to ensure that these components, when fitted to your bike offer flawless performance. Other advantages include: 

  • Great control during direction change especially in tight turns
  • Desired traction control while ascending and descending different types of terrains
  • Optimal functionality while gaining and reducing speed
  • High-level comfort so that you can ride for hours

Buy from the top tyre and tube brands like Continental, CST, Kenda, Marvel, Vittoria, Scwhalbe, Maxxis, Geax and more and enjoy our best price guarantee. 






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